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Dr. Dent's Dental Desensitization Kit

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Dr. Dent's Dental Desensitization Kit

This kit was designed by Special Needs Dentist, Dr. Jacob Dent, and the Triple Bristle toothbrush creator, Dr. Max Babiner to help individuals who struggle with dental anxiety and sensory issues. The kit allows parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists the opportunity to simulate a trip to the dentist at home, school, or in the therapist’s office.

Inside the box are common dental items that with practice, can help individuals overcome some of their fears and desensitize them for their next dental visit. Most of the items included with the kit will likely be used during dental procedures and routine cleanings in a dental office setting. Watch the demo video to find out more.

 What’s in the kit?

  • Dual Purpose Handle – ergonomically designed to use as a bite block/mouth prop or toothbrush handle, should be used by both the individual or the caregiver to practice proper oral hygiene
  • Triple Bristle Brush Head – place on the opposite side of the handle, create a manual version of the Triple Bristle toothbrush
  • Medical Mask and Latex Gloves – mimics what the dentist will be wearing
  • Patient Bib – all patients are typically required to wear, practice putting it on
  • Dental Mirror – practice with the dentist looking in the mouth. The mirror tip can be used by parents or caregivers to scoop out the prophy paste
  • Prophy Paste - use alone, mix with toothpaste, and use with the prophy angle (included) to help with sensory issues with texture
  • Foam Fluoride Tray – helps practice with x-rays and treatments
  • Suction Tip – help the patient get accustomed to opening and closing their mouth
  • Prophy Angle – use alone or with the prophy paste included
  • Flosser with Refills – long handle, helps make flossing easier
  • Booklet – filled with helpful instructions from the dentist


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