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Triple Bristle 3-sided Toothbrushes

Triple Bristle 3-sided Toothbrushes

Engineered For Every Smile

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Ditch Your Single-Sided Toothbrush

Triple Bristle Unique 3-sided Toothbrush

Easier To Use Than Your Traditional Toothbrush

Clean all sides of your teeth at the same time, get a Triple Bristle.

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Glowing Feedback

Wonderful Invention
I’ve used many toothbrushes, but this is by far the best. Once you start getting the hang of it, you can really notice the cleaning of your teeth and gums. Highly recommend this product!

James C.

Best toothbrushes ever!
As a parent of a child with severe Autism proper brushing is a real challenge. We got the duo for my husband, a single adult size for my son who is 16, and the kid's version for my 8 year old. We will never go back to traditional brushing. These are the best toothbrushes ever. My husband raves about how clean his mouth feels.

Lissette G.

Dentist clean every use
This is a great investment for your dental health. I highly recommend this toothbrush. The three bristle surfaces are awesome at getting into all the right places. I've gotten one for the entire family.

Ashleigh H.

Awesome product
Feels like it's cleaning 10X better than a regular or power toothbrush and it's also pretty simple to get all the angles you need on your teeth with a simple stroke.


Triple Bristle Tips

How does the Triple Bristle work?

Since the Triple Bristle brush head totally encapsulates your teeth (basically gives them a hug), it allows you to miss fewer spots when you brush because you are brushing all sides of your teeth at the same time.

How do I brush with a Triple Bristle?

Brushing in quadrants is the most efficient and effective technique. To begin, gently slide the brush down (or up) around your teeth until you feel the angled bristles engage your gums. Press the power button and slowly glide the brush along your teeth until you have covered all areas. The built-in two minute timer will pause every 30 seconds letting you know when it's time to change positions.

How do I brush my tongue?

A tongue cleaner is included with every Triple Bristle toothbrush. Cleaning your tongue is a crucial step in your oral care routine. A clean tongue means fresh breath.

Can I use the Triple Bristle if I have dental work?

Absolutely! The Triple Bristle toothbrush is designed to be gentle yet effective for all types of dental work, including braces, caps, and veneers. Its unique 3-sided design ensures a comprehensive clean without causing discomfort or damage to dental appliances. Furthermore, caregivers and those caring for individuals with special needs find the Triple Bristle toothbrush particularly beneficial. Its easy-to-use design and efficient cleaning capabilities make it an excellent choice for ensuring oral hygiene in situations where assistance is required, providing both comfort and thorough cleaning for all users.

Where does the toothpaste go?

Take a small amount of your favorite toothpaste, about the size of a pea, and place it in the middle of the two bristles. You have the option to wet or not wet the brush head(s) before adding the toothpaste.

Is the Triple Bristle toothbrushes safe for children to use?

All Triple Bristle toothbrush models are intended for use by children ages 6 and up. We do offer a toothbrush specifically designed for kids and adults with shorter teeth and smaller mouths.