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    Dentist Created
    Engineered For Your Smile

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    Easier Than Traditional Brushing
    Dental Work Comfortable - braces, implants, & more

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    3-Sided Sonic Brushing
    Miss Less Spots When You Brush


A brush designed for everyone! The Triple Bristle cleans all three sides of your teeth at the same time. People with braces, kids, adults, and even caregivers, love this brush. As we like to say...It's Engineered For Your Smile


"Our focus is caring for your oral health. Our goal is to play a positive role in your daily rountine to improve not only your teeth and gums, but most of all your SMILE."

Max Babiner, DMD

Triple Bristle, Creator

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This is a great product and a great investment in your oral health. The 3 heads clean wayyy better than my traditional toothbrush and even gets the stuck on plaque off that you usually have to go to the dentist to remove. Great product, great customer service, it’s definitely worth the try.

-Dan C


I honestly had my doubts about this toothbrush I thought it was super gimmicky. But I got it and I swear I'll never go back to a regular toothbrush. My teeth feel dentist level clean after using this kit. It's awesome. And not a bad price either! Buy it!

-Lacey G


This toothbrush is so amazing, it inspired me to start flossing. Which is like a really big deal. I really don't like flossing. Every time I brush I feel like I just left the dentist! If you don't have a Triple Bristle Toothbrush you're seriously missing out.

-Rachael J

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