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Brush and Bite Dual Purpose Handles



Brush and Bite Dual Purpose Handles

Created by two Dentists with special needs individuals in mind. The unique ergonomic handle was designed to be used with or without the triple bristle three sided brush head. Watch Special Needs dentists, Dr. Dent demonstrates how the handle works in the video below.

  • Bite Block/Mouth Prop – use the brush and bite handle to aide in keeping the mouth open while assisting with brushing and flossing
  • Manual Toothbrush Handle – add a Triple Bristle replacement brush head to one end and you have an easy to hold toothbrush that brushes all sides at the same time while getting those hard to reach places that are often missed with single-sided brush heads
  • Stock up/Replace – if you have already purchased the Brush and Bitel starter kit, this is the same handle that is included in the box



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