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What Causes My Gums To Bleed?

What Causes My Gums To Bleed?

It can be shocking when you look in the mirror during or after brushing your teeth, only to find that your gums are bleeding. There are many factors that can cause your gums to bleed, most of which are easy to address.

Your Brushing Too Hard

If you recently purchased a new medium or hard bristle toothbrush, you may be brushing so hard that you have caused painful inflammation—which in turn has lead your gums to bleed. Switch back to a soft bristle brush, and see if the bleeding subsides.

You Purchased A New Toothbrush

If you have a new soft bristle toothbrush, like the Triple Bristle sonic toothbrush, and your gums are bleeding—it could simply be your gums adjusting to your new toothbrush. The Triple Bristle is designed to engage your gums perfectly, and clean all surface areas at once. This means that if your previous brushing technique was lacking, that you may experience sensitivity and bleeding while your gums adjust. Think of this as similar to working out a muscle group you haven used in a while—it hurts at first, then subsides and your muscles get stronger.

Hormones And Medications

Fluctuating hormones due to pregnancy, aging, or prescription medications may cause your gums to increase in sensitivity. With regular brushing and flossing, your gums are likely to adjust.

You Finally Started Flossing

If you have finally committed to flossing your teeth each day, you may find your gums feeling irritated by your improved oral hygiene. This won’t last for long, but if it’s too painful—floss every other day, and gradually work up to everyday as your gums get accustomed to your new routine.


If you have successfully ruled out the above causes, gingivitis or gum disease may be to blame. Gingivitis is the result of built-up bacteria and plaque along the gum—and in-between your teeth. This is often the result of poor oral hygiene. Head to the dentist to confirm the cause of your bleeding gums, and to remove plaque and bacteria with professional cleaning.

Improve Gum Health With Triple Bristle

Regardless of the cause of your inflamed, bleeding, or sore gums—the Triple Bristle will ensure you brush at the perfect 45-degree angle each and every time. By brushing twice each day, this will remove most of the bacteria and plaque that contributes to your bleeding gums. Within weeks, your gums will go from inflamed red—to healthy pink!

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