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Are You A Flosser?

Are You A Flosser?

Are You A Flosser?

No one needs to convince you about the benefits of flossing after brushing. You wouldn’t think of going a day without doing it, but maybe you want more variety in your choices. Many people assume that their options for dental floss include only waxed and unwaxed, each of which has its pros and cons. Some dentists feel that waxed floss attracts plaque to the teeth because it acts as a magnet for it.

Patients have stated this objection to waxed floss as well. However, many feel that it’s easier to move through teeth than its unwaxed counterpart. Because of the waxed surface, the floss is less likely to get caught on the rough edges of a tooth’s surface and fray before you can finish using it. Manufacturers make both waxed and unwaxed floss in mint and other flavors.


Other Dental Floss Options

Of course, basic waxed or unwaxed dental floss are not your only options for removing food debris and plaque from your teeth. Floss made from Teflon typically doesn’t get stuck between the teeth. If this does happen, the Teflon ingredient makes it very easy to remove the floss. It can move through your teeth easier because manufacturers use shred-resistant material. Additionally, they tend to market Teflon dental floss to people who are reluctant to floss their teeth. Floss made from nylon material is another option.

Dental tape can be a good choice for people with wider than average space between their teeth. Some of the main advantages of thread floss are it smoothness and the fact it’s not prone to fraying or breaking. People with a dental bridge can use a special type of floss that they tie to regular floss to access the space underneath and to the sides of the replacement tooth. This is called a threader.

If you don’t care for using long pieces of dental floss, especially with your back teeth, consider using a dental pic instead. A pic is a plastic tool with curved ends with a small piece of floss in the center of it. Some of these tools come with a small plastic pic on the end that can be used instead of a toothpick to reach large pieces of trapped food particles. Dentists often advise patients to avoid toothpicks in case a piece breaks off and gets caught between the teeth.

Simplify Things with Floss Reminder Products

Flosstime is a new product that makes daily flossing a quick and easy process. You affix a refillable holder to your bathroom mirror and can get a new string of floss with the touch of a finger. There are other floss reminder products out there. Beyond floss there is always the waterpik option, which some dentist say is not as effective in getting to the small crevices of your teeth.

Of course, before you floss you must brush. Be sure to use a high quality toothbrush like the Triple Bristle.

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