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Meet Dr. Jacob Dent - The Special Needs Warrior

Meet Dr. Jacob Dent - The Special Needs Warrior

Dr. Jacob Dent isn’t just an incredible dentist, he’s also an amazing friend. 

Known as the Special Needs Warrior, Dr. Dent recognized early in his career how difficult it was for some people to visit their dentist. 

There are many reasons for this, but basically…

The sites, sounds, tastes, and textures that are associated with dentist offices can easily overwhelm and lead to fears and phobias that sometimes come out in negative behaviors.

This makes it extremely challenging to parent a special-needs child. 

What begins as good intention often leads to avoiding the dentist altogether. 


Some children with special health needs, such as those with genetic disorders or down syndrome, may experience significant delays with tooth eruption - sometimes as much as 2 years! - which can make forming good oral hygiene habits difficult.  

It's also common for some people with special needs to experience malformed, missing, extra, poor aligned and crowded teeth. 

The challenges are immense and can be difficult to treat, and to make matters worse…many dentists lack the proper training to treat children with special needs (and sometimes outright refuse to take them as patients!). 

Or, if they accept them as patients, they may require them to be heavily sedated during the appointment. 

The way Dr. Dent saw it, this wasn’t a solution to a common problem. 

Instead, we knew there had to be a better way. 

A way that didn’t involve sedation. 

So…Together we created the Brush and Bite Starter Kit to help individuals who struggle with dental anxiety and sensory issues. 

What the kit does is… 

Allows parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists the opportunity to simulate a trip to the dentist at home, school, or in the therapist’s office so that your child or loved one can practice having strange tools put in their mouth.

The Brush and Bite Starter Kit was our solution to helping you overcome some of the fears associated with going to the dentist. 

And if you’d like to meet Dr. Dent, you can do so here


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