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How To Get Motivated To Floss Your Teeth

How To Get Motivated To Floss Your Teeth

How To Get Motivated To Floss Your Teeth

Most people have tooth floss or flossing tools at home, but not everyone flosses daily. In fact, some adults only floss when they see or feel something in-between their teeth. You must remember that just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Flossing only takes a minute or so, so why skip it?

We Know You Don’t Mean To Forget To Floss


Only about 51% of people floss daily, 31% floss regularly, and 18% never floss—or only floss when they see or feel something stuck in their teeth. We know you don’t mean to forget to floss, you’re just busy. The good news is, you can floss any time of day that works for you. Floss in the morning when you brush your teeth, just before bedtime, after you eat lunch, or anytime you can remember.

How To Get Motivated To Floss

Even if your gums are in good to fair condition, it is important to floss—so that things stay that way. Below are a few ways you can get motivated, and simply remind yourself to floss.

  • Set your tooth floss out on your bathroom counter as a friendly reminder to floss
  • Schedule a daily alert to remind yourself to floss at your preferred time of day
  • Reward yourself for flossing by treating yourself to a special treat after each consecutive week of flossing


Invest In A Few Different Types Of Tooth Floss And Flossing Tools


Another excellent way to get excited about flossing is to find a more comfortable or convenient flossing product. The options are endless. From traditional waxed floss to easy-glide tapes, and handheld flossing tools that eliminate the sometimes-awkward part of flossing. Still not convinced? Try a Waterpik, electric flossers, or flexible gum soft picks.  Also, mix things up by finding a floss that is a flavor you enjoy.

Not Even The Triple Bristle Can Replace The Need To Floss

The dentist-designed and dentist-approved Triple Bristle sonic toothbrush is designed to provide superior teeth and gum cleaning. It automatically adjusts to the shape and size of your teeth, and adjusts to the perfect 45-degree angle. While our customers report improved gum health within weeks of use, even the Triple Bristle can’t replace the need to floss your teeth.

Keep in mind that as you transition from flossing on occasion, to flossing daily, you may experience increased gum sensitivity. This will subside in a week or two, so hang in there!

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