Ditch your single-sided toothbrush. Get a Triple Bristle. 😁

Dentist Suggests Brushing for Two Minutes is Too Long

Dentist Suggests Brushing for Two Minutes is Too Long

Everyone knows the mantra: brush two minutes twice daily. Yet hardly anyone does it. In fact, according to the Association of Dental Hygienists, most people barely brush for 45 seconds and most have incorrect brushing technique. The result is bad breath, yellow teeth and dental disease. Luckily, a breakthrough toothbrush may help to change this.

A Philadelphia dentist decided to re-think the toothbrush and combined a variety of different technologies into one product. Instead of convincing people to brush longer and more carefully, he decided to make a brush that adapts to people’s natural behavior so that oral hygiene is one less thing to worry about.

Instead of the mandatory 2 minutes required by most brushes, this brush allows people to get deeply clean teeth in under 45 seconds. It also automatically positions the bristles in such a way that people can gently guide the brush around their teeth without having to focus intensely on using correct brushing technique. So what is this new concept? It’s called Triple Bristle.

Triple Bristle is a 3 sided sonic toothbrush that has been tested rigorously for 3 years by dental patients and a variety of dentists. The result is an intuitive and easy to use toothbrush that makes brushing easier and more efficient. Technophiles will like it for it's beautiful design and high end features including a powerful rechargeable battery, 3 brush modes and built in timer.

By brushing all three sides of teeth at once, Triple Bristle let’s people brush their teeth perfectly in less than a minute.

To use the Triple Bristle Electric Toothbrush, a person just gently slides the brush head onto their teeth and allows the bristles to glide from tooth to tooth. 31,000 sonic vibrations create deep cleansing microbubbles that help to deliver a profoundly deep clean. People especially feel the difference in the inside portions of their teeth near the tongue and palate since people often forget to brush these areas. By making brushing faster and easier, Triple Bristle is helping to make oral health more accessible for the average person... and that’s something to smile about.

Triple Bristle - the world’s first 3D sonic toothbrush

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