Ditch your single-sided toothbrush. Get a Triple Bristle. 😁

Why aren’t all toothbrushes 3 sided?

Why aren’t all toothbrushes 3 sided?

It’s fascinating to consider the development of the toothbrush. No one questions why their toothbrush looks the way it does. They just assume that a toothbrush is a toothbrush is a toothbrush. But is it? Or more importantly, should it be?

One of the initial trial users of the Triple Bristle toothbrush mentioned that she didn’t understand why all toothbrushes weren’t three sided. “Our teeth have three sides – top, front and back – so why doesn’t our toothbrush?” Indeed that’s a great question – ESPECIALLY if you consider the statistics behind brushing teeth.

The vast majority of people don’t know how to brush their teeth. The problem may be with the very phrase that is used to refer to the process. It’s not really brushing teeth – it’s really all about brushing the gums.

Brushing with Triple Bristle is easy effective and safer than traditional brushing methods. The Triple Bristle takes all the guesswork out of brushing.

When you consider the wide variety of tooth brushing techniques, it can get quite confusing. Bass, modified bass, Stillman are just a few of the methods taught by dentists and hygienists. So which one is the right one? The truth is that it doesn’t really matter because they all have one thing in common – you have to engage the gums. Engaging the gumline at a 45 degree angle is the single most important thing (other than flossing) that you can do to ensure great gums. It doesn’t matter whether you use a sonic electric toothbrush, a rotating oscillating brush or a plain old fashioned manual one – to get a great clean you have to attach the gums.

Pointing your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle right into the gums is the most important element of brushing teeth. Think about it – when you eat, teeth are naturally self cleansing. When you bite into an apple, the apple removes plaque from the sides and top of your teeth. Brushing the actual teeth is not very important. Most plaque is not on teeth its at the junction of teeth and gums. This junction is where plaque pools up and starts to cause problems like gum disease, bad breath, periodontitis, tarter etc. The Triple Bristle Electric Toothbrush was not made just to make brushing easier (though it does) it was made to allow people to brush properly and effectively every time without having to spend an overwhelming amount of time doing so.


The Triple Bristle Sonic Three sided toothbrush allows you to enjoy the benefits of brushing without having to spend an exorbitant amount of time every day on your oral hygiene routine. There are a wide variety of electric toothbrushes. Sonicare makes great sonic brushes, oral b makes good ones as well. Waterpik and Panasonic also sell a quality product. However, they all have one thing in common – these brushes are one sided and require the user to do all of the thinking. If you miss a spot and continue to miss spots day after day – you are more likely to develop gum disease and decay. The only way to prevent disease and decay is to brush perfectly every time you brush – at this point the intelligent design of the triple bristle is your only option to do this predictably.


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