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What's the Best Toothbrush For People With Special Needs?

Able bodied people often don’t consider the severe limitations and disabilities that some people face. Caretakers know first hand how difficult it can be for some people to perform basic tasks. One of these basic tasks is brushing teeth. Many people mindlessly pick up their toothbrush in the morning and at night, brush their teeth and get on with life. But for some people with limitations like arthritis or other conditions in which manual dexterity is an issue brushing teeth becomes difficult if not impossible. Many others require a caregiver to brush their teeth.

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Most toothbrushes are not designed with people's habits in mind.

Countless studies show that people don’t brush their teeth properly. The average brusher just uses their toothbrush for about 45 seconds. They also habitually miss certain parts of their teeth which often leads to dental decay and gum disease. No wonder decayed and missing teeth are a commonplace occurrence in most parts of the world. If able-bodied people have a hard time brushing their teeth properly, imagine how difficult it is for someone who doesn’t have a full range of motion or depends on someone else to brush their teeth for them. This is one of many problems that Triple Bristle's three-sided electric toothbrush helps to solve. Interviews with caregivers and people with a limited range of motion suggest that Triple Bristle is now the best electric toothbrush for people with special needs and other manual dexterity issues like arthritis.


Finally A toothbrush that works great for people with special needs

Because it is three-sided and makes it very easy to brush perfectly, people with limitations can get the same level of cleaning power and efficiency that others enjoy. Caretakers regularly comment on how much easier it has become to brush teeth for patients with special needs. Using a traditional brush is next to impossible since it requires meticulous thought about covering every surface of every tooth. It also takes a long time and is uncomfortable for everyone involved. With the Triple Bristle sonic electric toothbrush, the time necessary is cut by three and maneuvering the brush is completely unnecessary - all someone needs to do is gently place it on the teeth and turn it on. The Benefits of Triple Bristle sonic electric toothbrushes are vast and it’s about more than just making the act of brushing easier - it also makes brushing far more effective.


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Hygienists regularly recommend Triple Bristle to caretakers of people with special needs

According to reports from several dental hygienists who have started recommending Triple Bristle to patients with special needs, after using the Triple Bristle for several months, gum health improved substantially. One hygienist out of Homestead, Florida mentioned that a particular patient who had uncontrolled gum disease and regularly bled during cleanings looked much better. His gum health improved tremendously - it was “like a completely different patient with gums that had been cured of gum disease.”


best electric toothbrush

A true win-win.

It’s a truly great outcome when the caretaker can more easily brush their patient’s teeth and also ensure better oral health for the person with special needs. Considering how integral oral health is to systemic health, healthier firmer gums can truly improve a person’s health, wellbeing and confidence.

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