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The Handle from the Brush and Bite Collection Explained

The Handle from the Brush and Bite Collection Explained

The Brush and Bite handle is an ergonomically designed toothbrush handle with a Triple Bristle brush head and a built-in bite block. The advantage of the larger handle, dual-direction finger grips and 3-sided brush head is that it aides patients with dexterity issues allowing them to brush more efficiently thus improving the overall oral health of their mouth. The built in bite block provides the parent/caregiver with a dental tool to help open the mouth and keep it open allowing them to brush and floss effectively and helping to eliminate the struggles of the person biting down on the toothbrush or their fingers.Brush and Bite Handle with Brush Head

The Brush and Bite handle is the best solution for improved home care, independent brushing, and assisted hygiene for anyone with a physical or intellectual disability.

The Brush and Bite Collection will be available for sale soon.

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