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Dr. Dent Dental Desensitization Toothbrush Bundle


Dr. Dent's Dental Desensitization Bundle

Our all-in-one bundle helps anyone struggling with dental anxiety and sensory issues to have a peaceful and pleasant dental experience. Dr. Dent's Dental Desensitization Kit offers a simulated dental experience at your convenience, designed to make dental visits less daunting. The Triple Bristle Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush is a gentle and effective way to maintain optimal oral health. These products were designed with the help of dentists.

Dr. Dent's Dental Desensitization Kit includes:

  • Dual Purpose Handle: Can be used as a bite block or toothbrush handle
  • Triple Bristle Brush Head: Helps practice a manual toothbrush experience
  • Medical Mask and Latex Gloves: Prepares users for what a dentist wears
  • Patient Bib: Ideal for practicing routine dental visit
  • Dental Mirror: Allows individuals to experience dentist's mouth exploration
  • Prophy Paste: Mix with toothpaste to improve texture tolerance
  • Foam Fluoride Tray: Simulates X-rays and treatments
  • Suction Tip: Teaches mouth opening and closing techniques
  • Prophy Angle: A tool for sensory texture experience
  • Flosser with Refills: Makes flossing more manageable
  • Booklet: A comprehensive guide from the dentist

Triple Bristle Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush includes:

  • Two Triple Bristle replacement heads: Keeps your toothbrush in top condition
  • Rechargeable sonic handle: Offers clean, sensitive, and massage modes
  • Tongue cleaner: Enhances overall oral hygiene
  • Compact charging base: Perfect for small spaces
  • Sticker sheet: Allows kids to make the toothbrush their own!
  • Instruction manual: A complete guide for maximum 3-sided brushing benefits

Our comprehensive bundle is designed to assist individuals experiencing dental anxiety and sensory issues, and hopefully have a more comfortable and calm dental visit for years to come.