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A Unique Approach to Brushing - The Triple Bristle Story

A Unique Approach to Brushing - The Triple Bristle Story

A Unique Approach to Brushing – The Triple Bristle Story

Dr. Maxim Babiner, a third-generation dentist and developer of Triple Bristle, created this product when he couldn’t find anything like it in the marketplace. Before he went to dental school, Dr. Babiner operated an online store selling electric toothbrushes. One product, a three-sided electric toothbrush, caught his attention more than the others.

While he was intrigued with the idea, Dr. Babiner could see that the poor design of the product meant that few people would be able to use it effectively. This set him on a search for something better. When he couldn’t find it, he created his own design. Triple Bristle’s story could have ended there if not for his persistence. That is because one manufacturing company after the other refused to create his product, stating that the design was impossible. It took a while, but he finally found an engineer out of Germany who assured him that he could handle the task.

The Development and Growth of Triple Bristle

Triple Bristle operates on the simple premise of getting teeth cleaner without adding time to people’s oral hygiene routine. The typical adult spends just 45 seconds brushing his or her teeth. Dr. Babiner knew that Triple Bristle needed to accomplish much more than the standard manual toothbrush in the same amount of time. It didn’t take long for people to see that’s exactly what it did.

The three-sided head of Triple Bristle means that it cleans spots in the mouth that most people tend to miss. “Many leading brands require two or three minutes to brush properly. Triple Bristle takes just 40 seconds.” Besides cleaning quicker, the brush also cleans more effectively and has many convenient features:

  • Perfect 45-degree angle of the bristles
  • Optional six-minute deep clean that takes just two minutes to complete
  • Brushes the front, back, and sides of the teeth all at the same time
  • Sonic technology
  • 30,000 + VPM (Vibrations per Minute)
  • Warranty on handle
  • Returns accepted with no questions asked
  • The ability to brush teeth as effectively as a dentist
  • Self-adjusting brush heads
  • Automatically brushes gums at the same time as the teeth
  • Three independent brush heads

Triple Bristle is the only leading electronic toothbrush invented by a dentist. Dr. Babiner had the foresight to apply for a patent on the three-sided brush head, which means you won’t find anything else like it on the market.

Triple Bristle Today

Glowing reviews from dentists and hygienists exploded the popularity of this new product. Today, it’s available at private dentist offices, Amazon, Walmart, and other major retailers in the United States. None of this would have happened without Dr. Babiner’s dedication to oral health and belief in the power of a unique three-sided brush head. Dr. Babiner’s passion for Oral health grows stronger daily and he continues to make it his life’s mission to help people with their smile. Read more about Triple Bristle’s backstory here.

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