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The Truth About Cavities

The Truth About Cavities

Did you know that cavities are the 2nd most common disease worldwide?


The common cold is #1. 

Here’s where it gets interesting. 

Your teeth are actually supposed to be indestructible. 

They are NOT supposed to dissolve and break down to the point where there are holes in them. 

Unlike other organs in your body, you don’t have cells that are constantly being replaced on the enamel. 

That’s all the good news because we want our teeth to last a lifetime. 


There is ONE thing that will destroy your teeth, and…

Chances are you already have this certain type of BAD bacteria breaking your enamel down, beginning to form a hole in your tooth. 

Not all bacteria in your mouth are bad. 

There are a lot of friendly bacteria that live in your mouth. 

But, as you consume sugar and other carbohydrates that can ferment, this bad bacteria will eventually become more dominant than the others. 


When the sugar ferments, you’re feeding the bad microbes, forming the plaque-forming bacteria that soon dominates, which then causes tooth decay because it's creating a harmful acid.

So, you might be wondering…is brushing enough to prevent cavities?

Regularly brushing twice per day is a good start, but… 

When you combine it with flossing AND minimizing the amount of sugar and carbohydrates you consume…now you’re on the path to keeping your teeth healthy and strong for a lifetime.

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