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The Tooth Most Likely to Get Infected

The Tooth Most Likely to Get Infected

In my last post I talked about how tooth infection could be deadly. 

Though rare in today’s world of advanced medicine, it seems to have struck a chord.


Because the truth is…

You probably won’t feel any sort of pain as the cavity or gum disease takes form. 

Not so great news when trying to keep your best smile and health top-notch.

That’s why it’s always best to see your dentist at least twice per year. 

That way, they can hopefully spot a potential problem, and possibly treat it, before things progress and get much worse. 

Which leads me to Triple Bristle customer Chriscina L.’s question. 

I had all of my wisdom teeth removed recently. When can I start using commercial mouthwash again? 

Great question, Chriscina! 

Wisdom teeth have the potential to cause some serious problems, especially…

If they fail to come in fully…

Are lying sideways…

Or cannot come in at all due to there not being enough room in your mouth to allow for it. 

Not only can this be painful, but they can also easily get infected. 

So, probably best that you had them taken out. 

As for using mouthwash…Typically 2 weeks after your procedure is fine, however…since I’m not familiar with the details of your case, it's best you consult with your surgeon. 

Until then, I suggest gently rinsing with saltwater. 

This will help speed up the healing process and keep your mouth clean and feeling fresh. 

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