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How to Reduce Pain from Clenching

How to Reduce Pain from Clenching

Triple Bristle customer Teresa R. asked: 

Can a dentist refer me for a botox treatment to treat my TMJ? Are there exercises I can do to alleviate the amount of clenching I do? What is the best way to reduce pain/tenderness from clenching? Thank you!

Well Teresa…

You are on the right track.  

As you know, many dentists and oral surgeons now offer Botox every 3 months to help ease the symptoms of grinding.  

I know because I, too, am a patient of a talented periodontist who injects Botox :-)

There are some exercises you can do to help with your clenching. 

Here’s what I suggest trying:

  1. Put your tongue as far back as you can on the roof of your mouth the moment you catch yourself grinding. The reason you want to do this is to help you become more aware of when it’s happening.
  2. Another option is to get Botox every 3 months. 
  3. And, if Botox isn’t for you, talk with your dentist and ask about getting a custom made night-guard to help ease the pain caused from grinding. 

It’s worth mentioning you will also want to rule out that the grinding is NOT related to sleep apnea.  

If it is…you’ll want to be treated ASAP to prevent long-term health issues. To determine a diagnosis, you’ll have to consult with a sleep medicine doctor.


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