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How Long Does It Take To Get Used To An Electric Toothbrush?

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To An Electric Toothbrush?

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To An Electric Toothbrush?

Investing in your first electronic toothbrush is exciting! Many of our customers want to know what to expect when transitioning to the Triple Bristle from a standard toothbrush. While the experience varies from one person to the next, here is a general idea of what you can expect.

It Might Feel Funny At First

If the Triple Bristle is your first electric toothbrush, it may take a few days to get used to the sensation of a self-cleaning toothbrush. Some say that the bristles tickle their gums, while others experience sensitivity or irritation. Sensitivity and irritation are likely signs that you have been neglecting your gum line, or that you have gingivitis or gum disease. Give it a few weeks, and the sensitivity will subside.


Your Gums Will Change From Red To Pink

Your gums are meant to be a shade of pink, not a shade of red. If your gums are red, it is likely a sign that they are inflamed—which is due to trapped food, plaque, and bacteria under the gum line. This color should shift from unsightly red to natural pink within weeks of upgrading to the Triple Bristle.

If Your Oral Health Is Good, Is It Worth An Upgrade?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? If your gums are healthy, you’ve never had cavity, or haven’t had a new cavity in years—you might wonder if you should consider upgrading your toothbrush. The answer is a resounding yes!

As you age, your teeth and gums will continue to decline. You will naturally lose more enamel, and your gums will have a harder time self-maintaining. By upgrading to the Triple Bristle, you will enjoy a superior clean—and cleaner and whiter teeth, and healthier gums.


Achieve Superior Oral Health With The Triple Bristle

Our goal was to make brushing your teeth as effortless as possible, which is why we:

  • Designed a toothbrush with 3 brush heads, so that you can clean all sides of your teeth at once.
  • Designed a self-adjusting toothbrush, that is always at the perfect 45-degree angle.
  • Designed a toothbrush with 3 speeds for optimal brushing comfort.
  • Added a built-in auto timer, so that you are confident that you adequately brushed your teeth.

All you have to do is charge your new electric toothbrush, apply toothpaste, select a comfortable speed—and glide the toothbrush across your teeth. With our innovative design, you can actually clean your teeth in about 40 seconds!

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