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Flossing is a Complete Waste of Time!

Flossing is a Complete Waste of Time!

Someone once told me, “Flossing is a complete waste of time.”

Um, what?!

As you can imagine, my stomach churned at hearing those words. 

The thing was, they were dead serious. 

However…one glance into their mouth and I could see why they were against flossing.

This person had all the telltale signs of a vigorous flosser. 

The truth was…they were flossing too hard, at the wrong angle, slicing and dicing their gum line until it was bloody and raw. 

No wonder they thought it was a complete waste of time!

If my gums looked, and felt, the way theirs did, I wouldn’t want to floss either. 

But…if you’re determined to have a brighter, whiter smile, flossing has to be part of your oral hygiene routine. 



Besides, you can’t look your best when everyone thinks your breath stinks!

Nor do you want to leave plaque stuck between your teeth that will eventually lead to gum disease, maybe even total tooth decay. 

Brushing without flossing is kind of like washing your arms but forgetting to scrub your armpits. 

Not something I’d recommend.  

So…if you don’t like to floss, are a vigorous flosser, or simply looking for an alternative but would still like to get the benefits of flossing, our Silicone Dental Picks are gentle on your teeth and easy on your gums.

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