Ditch your single-sided toothbrush. Get a Triple Bristle. 😁

Best Toothbrush for People with Braces - Triple Bristle Electric Toothbrush

Best Toothbrush for People with Braces - Triple Bristle Electric Toothbrush

American society and increasingly the world is starting to demand straight beautiful smiles. Parents regularly put their kids through orthodontic therapy (braces) because they know that when they grow up, they are going to benefit from straight healthy teeth that are resistant to disease. Parents and adults themselves are also signing up to straighten teeth now that cosmetically unnoticeable braces are available. But straightening teeth comes at a price - you have to maintaining impeccable oral hygiene to avoid the perils of decay and gum disease.

What’s the Main Problem of Putting Children Through Braces (Orthodontics)

Ask any orthodontist what one of their biggest challenges is and they will tell you that kids don’t brush and clean properly while wearing braces. Kids are naturally less likely to use interdental cleaning appliances or even brush their teeth. (Oral hygiene habits come with age and maturity). Many times if an orthodontist sees that a child is likely to get decay or is especially bad at brushing/flossing he/she will actually refuse to put braces on. That’s because if they are bad at oral hygiene before braces, with braces on the problem will increase tenfold. The combination of improper hygiene habits and braces will cause gums to overgrow and dental decay to spiral out of control. So what’s the solution? Get your kids oral hygiene products that make hygiene effortless and effective. There are two products that work especially well to keep kids hygiene good.

The Triple Bristle - the Best Friend of Orthodontists and Patients

The Triple Bristle Sonic Electric Toothbrush was actually originally used in the office of an outstanding Perio Orthodontist - Dr. Marianna Evans - who is well respected in the orthodontic community. One of the benefits of the Triple Bristle is that it cuts down the time necessary to clean teeth very well. Everyone knows that kids don’t brush long enough. Everyone also knows that most people (and especially children) don’t brush properly. They commonly forget to brush areas critical to dental health like around the gum line and the back teeth. Kids will actually sometimes only brush the front teeth and completely neglect the plaque bathed back teeth. The result is cavities, gum disease, root canals, crowns and other dental restorations which actually make proper hygiene even more difficult. In worst-case scenarios teeth actually have to be extracted because of rapid uncontrolled decay. Triple Bristle Sonic 3 Sided Toothbrush gets all the surfaces of a person’s teeth quickly and perfectly allowing for outstanding oral health without much effort. If you want to give your child/grandchild/friend the best chance of outstanding hygiene while they are wearing braces, get them a Triple Bristle.

For Younger Children and Teens A Water Flosser Seems to Work Best

Something that many adults don’t realize is that developing children often don’t have the dexterity necessary to use some of the dental tools currently on the market. Flossing is cumbersome and requires expert manipulation of the floss around teeth. With braces on, using floss becomes nearly impossible., interdental aids take too long and require the same manual dexterity so kids often don’t use them. A water flosser such as a stand alone or portable Waterpik seems to work well. Kids find it easy to position it between teeth and then just press the button. One great tip is to fill the reservoir of the water flosser with a fluoride rinse. Using a product with Fluoride is one of the most important things you can do to help prevent decay in developing teeth. In some instances fluoride can actually help to arrest or remineralize active decay in the mouth. In essence erasing cavities before they become so deep that the help of a dentist is necessary.

What About Invisalign and Other Clear Braces?

More and more people are demanding cosmetic solutions to straighten their teeth. Companies like Invisalign and ClearCorrect are flourishing because without the unsightly metal brackets and wires, braces are far easier to accept and wear. However, just because the trays are clear doesn’t mean that oral hygiene is any less important. With any clear retainer braces you have to brush and floss between every meal. To understand why this is true, imagine a common scenario: you get thirsty and decide to take your trays out to drink a quick can of soda or juice and maybe have a small snack. After you are done, you just put the trays back on without much thought. Without realizing it, you have just increased your chances of getting tooth decay and gum disease by a lot. To understand why, you have to understand the delicate balance of pH in your mouth and the important role that saliva plays in maintaining your oral health.

Consider the Importance of Saliva - More Than Just Spit

Many people don’t realize how important saliva is to the health of your teeth and gums. Saliva contains many elements that help to prevent dental decay and gum disease. It also keeps your mouth at an optimal pH. Normally pH in the mouth is about 6.5 - 7.5 and when it comes down such as after an acidic drink, the chances of getting cavities and other problems goes up dramatically. It takes saliva some time to bring the pH back up to safe levels. If you drink a soda and then quickly cover your teeth with the trays as soon as you are done, the acidic, sugary liquid can be trapped right on your teeth causing bacteria to roam out of control and create issues like cavities, gum disease, sensitivity etc. That’s why after you eat or drink something, make sure you sip some non acidic water (Aquasana and Dasani are both very acidic pH of 4). Then floss or use an interdental device and finally brush your teeth - preferably with a sonic toothbrush like the Triple Bristle that covers all parts of your tooth and ensures optimal health. If you do that, then you will be giving yourself the best chance of total oral health while wearing invisalign. There is one more tip:

Brush Your Trays!

Many people forget to brush their trays. They are made of plastic and often filled with bacteria, food and plaque. Luckily the Triple Bristle expertly cleans trays quickly and efficiently. Many invisalign wearers get a Triple Bristle specifically for this purpose. By positioning the three sided brush head over the trays, it’s possible to clean everything very well in a matter of seconds. A toothbrush that can expertly clean teeth as well as clear aligner trays - now that’s something that will make your life easier and better.

Enjoy Your Beautiful New Smile

After your braces or clear aligners are off, remember to keep wearing your retainers and maintaining outstanding hygiene. The Triple Bristle 3D Toothbrush will help with the brushing but remember to floss, use a waterpik or some other interdental cleaning tool. A commitment to lifelong oral hygiene will help secure the investment of time, energy and money you made when straightening your teeth.

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