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Triple Bristle DUO Oral Care Kit


Triple Bristle Duo Toothbrush Bundle

Triple Bristle Sonic Duo Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Set. The Sonic Duo model is designed with two in mind. Includes 4 brush heads, dual charging station, tongue cleaners, and snap-on brush head covers. Share the charger, not the toothbrush. 

What’s in the box?

  • Triple Bristle brush heads (two blue, two pink)
  • Dual charging base with brush head storage
  • Two tongue cleaners 
  • Four snap-on brush head covers
  • Triple Bristle dental picks 
  • Triple Bristle floss
  • Instruction manual 

Features & Benefits

  • Unique brush head design – cleans all surfaces of your teeth at the same time
  • Dental work friendly – gentle and effective on braces and beyond
  • Two minute timer with quadrant prompt – pauses so you can easily change positions while brushing, shuts off when complete
  • Self-adjusting brush heads – get those hard to reach places
  • Blue disclosing bristles – fade according to use so you know when it's time to replace your brush head
  • Three cleaning modes – high, sensitive, and massage
  • 31,000 powerful vibrations per minute – help obtain that professional dental clean feeling
  • Perfectly angled bristles – engage the gum line, adapt to teeth of all shapes and sizes 
  • Dentist created, Dentist approved


Easy To Use

The easy to use 3 bristle head has is perfectly angled to get in those hard to reach places. This innovative design has 3 cleaning modes (high/clean, soft/gentle, and massage) that will help remove stains while promoting a white plaque-free smile and fresh breath. Oral care kit includes dental floss and picks for a healthy mouth and the Triple Bristle experience. 

Rechargeable Battery

Keep your Triple Bristle toothbrush charged with the compact plug-in charging station. The handle is equipped with a charging indicator light that will help you keep your toothbrush charged. 

Dentist Created

Our unique brush design is revolutionizing the way we clean teeth and is recommended by Dentists across the United States. With 4 years of testing and designing, we have created a toothbrush that makes oral care easier, faster, and more effective than the leading brand. Every Triple Bristle Go comes with a 1 year warranty. 

A Toothbrush for Everyone

The slim easy-grip handle and quick yet effective brush head was made for EVERYONE! Maybe brushing has become harder due to arthritis or swollen hands, Triple Bristle can speed up the process and make brushing more comfortable. Maybe you’re a caregiver and you need help providing the best oral care, Triple Bristle is the brush for you! Our toothbrush can even help autistic or special needs get proper brushing of both teeth and gums to help with cavities.