Ditch your single-sided toothbrush. Get a Triple Bristle. 😁

Triple Bristle Expertly Cleans Around Dental Implants

Triple Bristle Expertly Cleans Around Dental Implants

Triple Bristle Expertly Cleans Around Dental Implants


Triple bristle 3 sided electric toothbrush was designed by a dentist who treats a wide variety of patients who have dental implants. He understands what it takes to keep dental implants clean and healthy and it all comes down to excellent gum health.

What it means to have great gums

Unhealthy gums are red and puffy. They bleed easily when they are brushed. Any time you touch them they are sensitive. Really great gums are firm and pink. When you brush them, they don’t bleed. They aren’t sensitive. They are beautiful when you smile. Maintaining great gum health is the most important step you can take ensure the longevity of dental implants.


Why gum health is key to implant health


Dental implants can’t get tooth decay because they aren’t teeth. Streptococcus Mutans - the bacteria responsible for tooth decay doesn’t affect titanium. Since dental implants are made out of titanium and crowns are often ceramic, there is no way to get a cavity in a dental implant. However, gum disease bacteria can wreak havoc on the health of a dental implant.

How dental implants fail and how you can use Triple Bristle to prevent failure


Ask any dentist and they will tell you that dental implants fail if people don’t care for them properly. Regular dental cleanings (every 3 months are at least once every 6 months) are critical. But perhaps the most critical of all is the ability to clean really well on a daily basis. Consistent at home care is the most important thing someone can do to prevent implant failure. This means flossing daily and also using a toothbrush properly. Triple Bristle sonic three sided toothbrush makes brushing properly very easy. It automatically positions the bristles so that they perfectly clean the gums and ensure lifelong health.

Dental implant patients love the Triple Bristle toothbrush


Any person who is serious about the health of their gums around dental implants has a Triple Bristle sonic electric toothbrush. In fact, many implant patients have reported significant improvement in periodontal health once they started “triple bristling.” Many hygienists and dentists have commented that the Triple Bristle sonic toothbrush helps erase signs and symptoms of periodontal disease by expertly and gently cleaning the gum line - where disease usually starts. So anyone serious about gum health needs a sonic toothbrush - preferably one with a 3 sided brush head.

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