Ditch your single-sided toothbrush. Get a Triple Bristle. 😁

The Brush and Bite Starter Kit Explained

The Brush and Bite Starter Kit Explained

For many patients with an intellectual disability and/or dental anxiety, going to the dentist can be a very challenging experience. The sites, sounds, tastes, and textures that are associated with a dental visit can overwhelm them and lead to dental fears and phobias that translate into negative behaviors and avoidance of going to the dentist altogether. The starter kit offers a simple and practical solution.

Inside each kit is a Brush and Bite dual-purpose handle, a flosser with refills, and the practice packet. The handle is designed to hold a Triple Bristle brush head to help improve independent brushing, and the built-in bite block on the other side of the handle allows parents/caregivers to help open the person’s mouth so that they can aide them with brushing and flossing more efficiently.


The flosser has a long handle, which gives the user the ability to floss with only one hand and help make it easier to reach all front and back teeth while keeping their hands outside of the mouth.

The practice packet is a collection of disposable items that are used by the dentist/hygienist in the dental office. Practicing with these items prior to coming to the dental appointment will help desensitize the person to the sensory issues that they can cause. They will help teach the person what to expect at the dental visit and practice for certain procedures like x-rays, dental exams, and cleanings.

The Brush and Bite starter kit is the practical solution families, therapists, and teachers of individuals with intellectual disabilities and dental anxiety have been searching for to take the stress out of going to the dentist.

The Brush and Bite Collection will be available for sale soon.
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