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Why Triple Bristle…

It Gets Your Kids Excited About Brushing

Let’s face it. Electric toothbrushes are simply more fun. Kids enjoy the way the toothbrush feels while cleaning, even if it tickles a bit at first. With our patented 3-bristle brush head, all sides of your kid’s teeth are cleaned at once. Since the Triple Bristle automatically adjusts to clean the gum line, and teeth of all shapes and sizes—even ones that are still growing in—parents can rest assured that all teeth are crystal clean.

The Science

3-Brush Heads – Your teeth have three sides that can be accessed while brushing. With a standard single brush design, you have to brush the front, back, and top of your teeth individually. With the Triple Bristle, you can brush all three sides of your teeth at once.

The Benefits

  • Cleaner teeth & Brighter smile in 1/3 the time of an ordinary electric toothbrush
  • Reduces plaque, gum soreness and bleeding
  • Every time you brush it feels like you just got home from the dentist!
  • Perfect for dental implants