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Designed by a dentist, the triple bristle is a unique three headed sonic toothbrush. Delivering superior cleaning power with less effort than a single headed brush. How many heads does your brush have?


Get your grin on with confidence. The triple bristle three headed toothbrush helps sweep away bacteria, surface stains, tartar, and plaque. It’s also perfect for people with dental work like braces, veneers, implants, and crowns.

Our sonic toothbrush helps give you whiter teeth and a brighter smile in 1/3 the time. The method is simple and effective, just glide the self-adjusting brush heads along your teeth. A time saver compared to traditional brushing.


Pick one of our toothbrushes that suits your needs.

Triple Bristle™ 

Original Box Set Rechargeable Toothbrush


Triple Bristle™ Duo

Rechargeable Dual Toothbrushes


Triple Bristle™ Go

Battery Powered Portable Toothbrush


Replacement Brush Heads

when your heads need to be replaced or just want to grab extras

Replacement Heads – 2 pack

Triple Bristle Blue


Sonicare® Replacement Heads

Triple Bristle – 3 pack


Replacement Heads – 2 pack

Triple Bristle Pink


Really love this brush. Would definitely (and already have) recommend.

The capability to clean each tooth individually on all three sides at once is a completely unique feature. I also like the timer feature and battery life.

Randy Lovelace

Great toothbrush!

I love this toothbrush. I like it better than the Oral B and Sonicare toothbrushes I’ve had in the past. My test is this: I have a water pik which I use after brushing. I can tell how effective the tooth brush has been by how many food particles are washed away by the water pik. With the Triple Bristle there are very few. Not so with electric toothbrushes I’ve used in the past and I’ve tried many. My teeth feel really clean afterward. The Triple Bristle is made very well, has a small footprint on the counter and has 3 different settings for pressure. It was less expensive that the Sonicare. I can tell a lot of thought went into this design. I like it very much and would recommend it highly.

Linda Smith


Perfectly angled bristles..Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce laoreet elementum varius.


You are in control. Three brush modes so that you can take it easy or whiten those teeth (high, low, or massage mode).


Dentist created so you and your family can brush with confidence.

Brush Smarter, Not Harder 😉