Triple Bristle does a nice job quickly and, I believe, a better job than a lot of folks do in more time with their regular brush- be it manual or powered.

Terry Brown
Dental Hygienist, Turnersville, NJ

“From the very first time I tried Triple Bristle, I was truly astonished! The revolutionary design of the toothbrush head provided me with a unique and unforgettable brushing experience. Before Triple Bristle I used Phillips Diamond and Oral B toothbrushes. I thought that Phillips Sonicare was the best product on the market. My attitude changed after using Triple Bristle just once. To summarize, my overall experience could be described in two words – absolutely AMAZING! Triple Bristle provided me with the ultimate brushing experience that was comfortable and productive. I have been using your product for only a few weeks, but I already noticed significant whitening of my teeth and improvement of my gingival health as well.”
Alex M, BS, RN