Judy Bjorkman
 "A beautiful, clean and healthy teeth and gums" 
Bill Barker
 "This is the best brush out there your teeth fill like you just had a high price cleaning but you have it done from your own home ever day i love it." 
Cait Kuentzel
 "Best toothbrush out there!!! We love ours!!!" 
Shannon Becker Thatcher
 "My husband and I LOVE them. My grandfather was a dentist and I have always bought quality dental supplies. This is the best toothbrush I have ever used. We have the rechargeable brushes." 
Dan Boleneus
 "Despite its odd appearance, this brush is amazing. I recommend it to all my patients and basically everyone I meet." 
Marianna Evans
 "The most effective toothbrush on the market! I recommend it to all of my patients!" 
Eugene Naydovich
 "Without question this is the best toothbrush available. I have used Sonicare and Oral B and I definitely prefer Triple Bristle because it makes brushing very easy and effective. Do yourself a favor and get this brush - you will absolutely love it." 
RC Liley
 "Loved the idea from the start! I always get the front, bottom, and back of my teeth, so getting them all at once is nice." 
Tawni Coates
 "My kids love it. Easy to use. Great addition to anyone's household." 
Tess Schweitzer
 "My teeth have never felt so clean. I also love the automatic timer of two minutes because now I know I'm brushing them adequately. I seriously do not think I'll ever go back to a single head toothbrush." 
Eric Melgar
 "What make this brush stand out is definitely the brush head. I really like the design as I feel I can brush more in a shorter amount of time" 
Amanda Gilliland
 "It's very quiet which is nice on a trip so it doesn't wake my son up while he's sleeping. I can't wait to see how much healthier my teeth will be." 
Gene Osias
 "The new triple head for the Diamonds Clean Sonicare is awesome! Thorough and doesn’t miss a spot." 
Samer Naser
 "Absolutely AWESOME!! I do not believe how great my teeth look & feel! I know that I can ever go back to the old school manual toothbrush. My first automatic toothbrush, now I am sold!" 
Roxy Brennan
 "I've been using triple bristle for about a year now and I love it. It's so simple and makes my mouth feel so clean. I highly recommend giving it a try." 
Felix Peysakhovich
 "I've been using this brush for over a year and have seen amazing results! My dentist said my teeth and gums are much healthier." 
Jack David
 "Incredible toothbrush. I've been using this for about a year now and won't go back to a regular." 
Adam Brewer
 "Awesome toothbrush! The triple bristle design takes some getting used to, but other than that, this toothbrush cleans amazingly!" 
Paul Chadwick
 "Just used my triple bristle for the first time and I will say, it feels like I just got back from a professional dental cleaning. THIS TOOTHBRUSH IS AMAZING!!! I am hooked :'D #TripleBristle" 
David Agia
 "I have been using this toothbrush for over a year and I don't think I could EVER go back to using a regular toothbrush!" 
Jay-Ann Jamison
 "Starting using Triple Bristle about a year ago. Have had three cleanings since then, and Dentist is really impressed! Really happy." 
Lisa Tornblom Nelson
 "I work in a hospital based clinic with many special needs and elderly patients and this brush will be perfect for anyone with dexterity problems, or just anyone! It truly is a no brainer, and is a game changer for oral hygiene. The first one I’ve seen in many years! Thank you Triple Bristle!"