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Triple Bristle Teeth Whitening Strips - 2 Pack

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Triple Bristle Teeth Whitening Strips

Let's face it: Your teeth are your best accessory. And if you want them to look as good as they feel, then you need to get these no mess, no fuss whitening strips to brighten your smile.  

What’s in the box?

  • 14 Whitening Strips (7 upper, 7 lower)
  • Handy How-to Guide

Features & Benefits

  • Dentist curated to help whiten and brighten your teeth without sensitivity or harming enamel
  • When applied to your teeth, each strip firmly adheres to the tooth surface and releases the active ingredients providing teeth brightening, desensitizing, and remineralizing benefits
  • Refreshing Mint + Coconut formula
  • The peroxide-based formula is gentle but strong enough to whiten and brighten
  • We recommend 7 consecutive days of use for the brightest results. One box is a one-week treatment.

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