Sample Order Page

Thank you for your interest in the Triple Bristle products. As a Medical Professional, we hope you enjoy using the dentist created three headed sonic toothbrush as much as our customers do. We also hope you help spread the word about us or even better, sell them to patients in your office(we have a super simple wholesale ordering system).

Below is where you order at the "Medical Professional" price. The products you will receive are the same as if you paid full price as a customer. At this time, we ONLY ship to Medical Offices or Clinics, we verify the address provided on the form and/or shipping address at checkout. If we cannot verify the information you provided is a Dental/Medical facility, we will email you. Two triple bristle™ original sonic toothbrushes and/or two replacement head 3 packs created bt triple bristle for Sonicare® brand handles is the maximum you can order at the "Medical Professional" price at this time.

Any questions before or after you place your order (even a question for the founder and creator of the triple bristle), please email

Triple Bristle™ Original Box Set


Replacement Heads for Sonicare®
Toothbrushes by Triple Bristle