Sonic GO + Starter Brush Head


What’s included:

  • – 1 Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush
  • – 1 Triple Bristle Brush Head
  • – 2 AA Batteries

First Brush Kit ships in 14 days

$39.97 $18.97
From there you’ll be charged $18.97 & receive a new kit, every 3 months. 

What’s included:

  • – 2 Triple Bristle Brush Heads 
  • – Lifetime Warranty on the brush as long as you’re subscribed

 Special Bonus:

  • – 1 Pack of Triple Bristle Dental Picks (40 count)
  • – 1 Pack of Triple Bristle Mint Floss (50 yards)
  • – Tongue Cleaner
*For Future Boxes, We’ll Always Fill Your Box With Surprises
By ordering this brush you are subscribing to my exclusive brush club. You will receive 2 Triple Bristle Brush replacement Heads and a Lifetime warranty on your brush as long as you’re subscribed. You only pay $18.97 every 3 months after the first payment 14 days after your $5 purchase. Cancel or modify subscription anytime
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Hi, I’m Max, Inventor of the Triple Bristle Toothbrush. I’m so confident that my brush will clean your teeth better than any other toothbrush you’ve ever used that I’m willing to take all the risk, and almost give it away!

Subscribe To My Brush Club and Get My Sonic Toothbrush For Only $5

Starter Set ships today

$29.97 $5.00
No hidden fees, includes shipping.

How It All Works

Your First Box is Just $5

You Get Triple Bristle’s Patented 3 Headed Sonic Toothbrush, which is $29.97 anywhere else online.

First Brush Kit Arrives 14 Days Later

First Brush Kit: You get 2 Triple Bristle replacement brush heads and a Lifetime Warranty as long as you’re subscribed.

Future Boxes Are Up To You

Special bonuses are always included. Anytime you want, you can add items to your subscription and adjust how often you get shipments. It’s easy to modify or cancel.
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