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    1 Sonic GO handle, 2 batteries, 1 tongue cleaner, 1 starter head and instruction manual.


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    Sloppy to use

    You get druel all over yourself when you brush with tooth paste. The brushing is good on your teeth but messy.


    I bought my first Triple Bristle @2 months ago and amazed at how CLEAN my teeth felt and how much longer they were that way during the day. So much, that I purchased your battery powered Triple Bristle to take with me on my next trip to Europe!!!

    We're thrilled to hear that you're experiencing the perfect clean with our toothbrush, Robbie! We bet your smile will be as bright as ever during your trip to Europe. Thanks for the 5-star review!

    Easy to use and cleans well

    At first the 3 brush seem daunting but after a few uses you get used to it and it's honestly the best toothbrush i've used to date.

    We agree that our brush may be intimidating at first, Jonathan. But we're thrilled to hear that you think it stands out amongst the rest! Thanks for your 5-star review.

    Works extremely well

    You guys outdid yourselves with the starter kit it works better than a normal toothbrush and my teeth were whitened within the 5th day of using it and I'm still using it today keep up the great work and prove what you can down the road for the future but the three bristles bottom right and left Works immensely well now if only you can create something that can floss the teeth in very tight gaps cuz my teeth are impossible to Plus so there's an idea for a new project go ahead and use it you guys are doing wonders just make sure when you have the option for subscribing to have that separately or something cuz I could swear I didn't subscribe in order just to buy the toothbrush that's all I wanted but I had a problem with a transaction it was fixed but it shouldn't have happened cuz I didn't subscribe I wasn't on your file cuz I tried to login and it said my email did not exist in your files but yet you charge my card for a monthly subscription that I did not sign up for so I get a hold on that and figure out the problem for future purchases from future clients so that doesn't happen but keep up the great work and prove what you can make it better if possible cuz this is way better than that mouthpiece battery list is fresh that you put toothpaste on and it covers your bottom and top half it does not work as they say it should it just vibrates your mouth and doesn't clean your teeth by what you've created actually cleans the teeth and whitens it when it needs to be whitened so I applaud you on that seal up the great work you're doing wonders for their future of and it was affordable to most of them would cost over $100 and then don't work like they should but you guys charge almost what $15 and to me that is very fair so good job on all your efforts on making one of the most effective toothbrushes in the world wish we had this when I was a kid my teeth would be a lot better and I would have never needed braces thanks again have a great evening or night or day wherever you get this message whoever does keep up the great work keep striving towards the future and improve you can save a lot of lives I ain't helping us take care of our teeth.

    We're so happy to hear that you're feeling all the benefits of our toothbrush, Dakota-le! We're made note of your suggestions and will definitely use them to inform our future decisions. We appreciate you taking the time to write us such a detailed review. Thanks for the 5 stars!

    Great customer service

    I am enjoying my toothbrush my mouth so clean after using this product and doesn’t take as much time and effort as a traditional toothbrush. After sale customer service is awesome I had a small crack in my bottom to my toothbrush on the battery cover they promptly sent me a new cover no questions asked excellent experience!

    We're so happy to hear that your experience with our products and customer service team have been positive, Jay! It sounds like you're feeling all the benefits our brush has to offer. Thanks for your 5-star review!

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