Replacement Heads for Sonicare® Brand Toothbrush Handles by Triple Bristle

Replacement Heads for Sonicare® Brand Toothbrush Handles by Triple Bristle


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Do you own a Philips Sonicare® Brand Toothbrush?

Triple Bristle designed replacement brush heads compatible with Philips Sonicare® Brand Toothbrush Handles ONLY. The three brush heads help sweep away plaque, surface stains, and bacteria. Get the best of both worlds – use your Sonicare® Brand toothbrush handle with all its power and the Triple Bristle three sided brush head on your Sonicare® toothbrush. We do not like to make promises, however, it may just feel like a professional dental cleaning every time you brush.

  • The patented three sided brush head was engineered to target the gum line on both sides to help prevent gingivitis 
  • Chose which works best for you – EXTRA SOFT or SOFT bristles, we offer both
  • The three brush heads give your teeth a hug for a better clean and speed up the brushing process.
  • Get cleaner teeth and a brighter smile in 1/3 the time (40 seconds, 2x a day)
  • Self-adjusting soft bristles are made of Dupont Nylon
  • Perfectly angled bristles reach between your teeth as you glide the brush head along your teeth and gumline
  • Designed to help perfectly clean dental work – crowns, implants, braces, veneers, caps, or even implants
  • By using the triple bristle as part of your daily routine, you help maintain a healthy oral care routine
  • Although all triple bristle brush heads are very durable yet gentle, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you replace your brush heads every 3 months for optimal results
  • We offer free US shipping on all replacement heads.

Treat your teeth with the SOFT or EXTRA SOFT, triple bristle replacement brush head designed to fit Philips Sonicare® Brand Toothbrush Handles.


*Fits the Following Sonicare® Brand Toothbrush Handles ONLY:

  • DiamondClean
  • Flexcare+ PLUS
  • HealthyWhite+ PLUS
  • 2 Series Plaque Control
  • 3 Series Gum Health
  • Sonicare® Brand Kids
  • EasyClean

* IMPORTANT NOTE: The replacement brush heads on this page were designed to fit Sonicare® Brand Toothbrushes ONLY. Before making your purchase, double check which Sonicare® Brand toothbrush model you own against the list above.  If you have a Triple Bristle Toothbrush and would like to replace your brush head, you can click here to purchase blue heads or click here for pink heads.
The replacement on this page heads will NOT fit on any Triple Bristle Brand Toothbrush Handle. Also, these brush heads DO NOT fit the Sonicare® Essence, Essence+, or the PowerUp Battery Toothbrush. The brush heads pictured on this page DO NOT fit the following Triple Bristle Brand Toothbrushes – the Triple Bristle™ Original Sonic Toothbrush, the Triple Bristle Go™,  the Triple Bristle™ Duo, or the Triple Bristle™ Kids Toothbrush. If you sill have questions and a just a bit unsure which brush head you need to purchase, please contact team triple bristle at

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  • Avatar
    Anton Z

    teeth feel amazing clean without any spot missed! I love the triple bristle heads!!!

  • Jennifer L
    Jennifer L

    No more missed spots!

    I love these brush heads for my kids. Now it’s practically impossible for them to miss tooth surfaces while brushing, which has been a huge issue for them in the past. Plus, they love the design and how much easier it is. I love that I didn’t have to buy completely new brushes because these replacement heads fit on their Sonciare toothbrushes perfectly. Definitely worth giving a try.

  • Avatar
    Sandra B

    Love triple bristle

    This toothbrush makes my teeth look great and they feel very clean.

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