Triple Bristle™ DUO – 2 Sonic Toothbrushes with Dual Charging Station ($50 Off)


Triple Bristle™ DUO – 2 Sonic Toothbrushes with Dual Charging Station ($50 Off)

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Our Sonic Duo was developed with TWO in mind. Designed as a twin pack with a space saving dual charging station that securely holds 4 additional replacement brush heads. Share the charger, not the toothbrushes. 

The brush heads on the Triple Bristle are positioned at a 45 degree angle so that it not only brushes your teeth at the proper angle but reaches along the gumline. Engaging the gumline and cleaning all surfaces of the teeth is super important to maintain your oral health and proper oral hygiene. The Triple Bristle brush head does not take a lot of technique to use, unlike traditional toothbrushes. Simply glide the brush head along with your teeth changing positions while brushing in quadrants. We combined the unique features of the brush head and the easy to hold sonic handle to give you a professional clean feeling every time you brush. 


What’s in the box?

  • 4 Triple Bristle Brush Heads – two blue, two pink with blue indicator bristles
  • 2 Rechargeable Sonic Handles – Long Battery Life (up to 2 weeks after fully charged)
  • Dual Space Saving Electric Charging Station – 1 charger that both handles and 4 additional brush heads (2 in middle, 2 in back)
  • 2 Triple Bristle Tongue Cleaners
  • 4 clear custom made brush covers to keep bacteria at bay and for easy travel (see image)
  • Instruction Manual – filled with useful brushing techniques and dental tips 


Features & Benefits

  • No more sonic handle sharing necessary – swapping brush heads or waiting for the handle is a thing of the past with this box set
  • Space saving charging station helps keep your vanity neat and clutter free
  • Time Saving – don’t want to brush for 2 minutes? Since the brush heads surround all three sides of your teeth, brush in 1/3 the time – 40 seconds, twice a day
  • Patented brush head cleans top, front, and back of your teeth simultaneously
  • Blue Indicator Bristles that fade to white, letting you know when it’s time to replace your brush head
  • Powerful plaque removing brush heads due to perfectly angled bristles
  • Soft bristles, gentle on teeth and gums
  • Our brush, since it reaches your gums, every time you brush, helps prevent plaque build-up and periodontal disease
  • Perfect for people with dental implants, veneers, crowns, braces, and/or fillings
  • Built-in 2 minute quadrant timer – pauses so that you can easily change positions as you brush your teeth. Shuts off when complete.
  • 3 Powerful Brush Modes (31,00 vibration per minute) – High, Gentle, and Massage


Every Triple Bristle Toothbrush sold also comes with a One Year Warranty and a 30 Day, no hassle money back guarantee

Weight 2.5 lbs

11 x 14 x 4 in

3 Speeds

High, Low and Massage.


Extra Soft DuPont Nylon bristles for less dental abrasion.


`2 minutes with 30 second quadrant pause in time.

Battery life

We say 10 days but it is longer..

Length of Bristles

6.5 cms

Length of Handle

16.5 cms

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