Triple Bristle Tongue Cleaner – 3 pack

Triple Bristle Tongue Cleaner – 3 pack


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triple bristle tongue cleaner – 3 pack

tongue cleaner (also called a tongue scraper or tongue brush) is an oral care device designed to clean the surface of the tongue. Although a tongue cleaner comes inside the box of every triple bristle toothbrush model, it is also good to replace your tongue cleaner every 3-4 months. If you do not clean your tongue regularly, it is never too late to start. Keep it fresh. 


  • package of 3 blue cleaners
  • easy grip handle
  • soft silicone scraper
  • double-sided cleaner
  • easy to clean after each use
  • free US shipping


  • combat bad breath by removing the coating on the tongue that can cause bad breath
  • fast easy step to freshen your breath
  • scrapes away bacteria
  • cleans taste buds  – enhance the taste of food
**cleaning your tongue should in no way replace brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing. Cleaning your tongue in the morning is recommended by most Dentists and Hygienists. 

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