Biomin™ C Protection Toothpaste

Biomin™ C Protection Toothpaste


Armour for Teeth
Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste
3.34 oz/ 100g 

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Biomin™ C Protection Toothpaste | Armour for Teeth

FDA approved for those with tooth sensitivity
Excellent for people with weak enamel
Remineralizing – effective at replacing lost minerals from tooth surfaces than conventional toothpaste
SLS-Free and Fluoride-Free
The flavor is a very mild refreshing mint that freshens your breath
Full-Sized Tube is 3.35 oz / 100g

Key Benefits
Tooth sensitivity relief
Complete protection for a healthy mouth
Rapid hydroxyapatite formation over the tooth surfaces
Effective occlusion of open dentin tubules
Dissolves more rapidly in acidic conditions – delivers the minerals where they are needed

Brushing Instructions
Place a pea-sized amount onto your toothbrush
Brush thoroughly for two minutes
It is recommended not to spit out the foam formed during brushing
Swirl foam for 30 seconds
Spit out the excess and do NOT rinse (let the toothpaste do its job)
Replace and tighten cap after use (important to keep toothpaste airtight)
Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes

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