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Why Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush?

Triple Bristle was created by Dr. Max Babiner, a 3rd generation Dentist that wants to make a difference in the world of oral care, his area of expertise. After 4 years of study, lots of designs, testing, and working with engineers and manufacturers - he now has a toothbrush that will clean your teeth in less time and more effectively than any other toothbrush you have used before. Because of the unique design, the Triple Bristle was granted a patent by the US Government.  

What makes us different is the perfectly 45° angled bristles that clean the gum line and brush every surface of your teeth at once for a more effective brushing experience.

We invite you to try the Triple Bristle toothbrush for 30 days and see why our loyal customers make Triple Bristle their favorite sonic toothbrush. Go ahead and give it a try for yourself, there is nothing else like it in the sonic toothbrush marketplace today.
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