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Only for new subscribers. Includes a 7-day treatment that will leave your teeth glowing!

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Made To Whiten
Without Increasing Sensitivity

You should be able to have a bright, white smile without worrying about hurting your teeth. This 7-day treatment was made to whiten without increasing your teeth's sensitivity.

How It Works


Get Your Free Whitening Strips

We include a 7-day treatment that is designed to be used once a month in every box.


Try the 7-Day Treatment

Try the 7-day treatment. If you love it, do nothing and we will automatically send it to you every month. You can modify your subscription at anytime.


Whitening Strips on Schedule

After you receive your first 7-day treatment, you’ll start receiving it once a month. Free shipping always.


Choose Your Plan

Choose Your Plan


Free 7-Day Whitening Treatment

+ $6.95 S&H


What's Included:

  • 1 Bottom and top 7-day treatment
  • 14 total whitening strips

You'll receive your next treatment in 30 days
for $19.97, then every month after.

2 Free 7-Day Whitening Treatments

+ $13.90 S&H


What's Included:

  • 2 Bottom and top 7-day treatments
  • 28 total whitening strips

You'll receive your next treatment in 30 days
for $39.97, then every month after.


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- What's in each Starter Kit?

Each Triple Bristle Starter Kit includes:

  • Sonic Handle
  • Triple Bristle Starter Brush Head
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Brush Head Cover
  • The $30 starter kits are still free and you still only have to pay shipping.
- What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is $6.95 for 1 7-Day Treatment and $13.90 for 2 7-Day Treatments. This is the only cost. The 7-Day Whitening Treatments are free!

- How much is the 7-Day Treatment after my free trial and how often do I receive them?

One 7-Day Treatment is $19.97 and two 7-Day Treatments is $39.97. You receive them every 30 days. You can modify your frequency however, at any time.

- How long will it take to get my order?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours, given there are no issues with payment processing or it is not a weekend or Federal Holiday. You will receive an email from Triple Bristle with a tracking number once your order ships. If no delays, you will receive your order within 5-7 business days.

- Why do I need a 7-Day Treatment every 30 days?

We recommend doing a 7-Day Treatment every 30 days for best results. Triple Bristle whitening strips are made not to increase teeth sensitivity so you should feel free to stay on a 30 day routine. You may modify your frequency at any time.

- What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You are free to cancel future 7-Day Treatments at any time. Canceling your Triple Bristle subscription will void all member-only deals.

Please note: You must cancel 48 hours prior to your next replacement head shipment. No returns or refunds on 7-day treatments once they have been shipped or received.

- Is this offer available outside the US?

At this time, this offer is only available to US residents.

- What if I want to make a one-time purchase instead of subscribing?

Purchase our 7-Day Whitening Treatment without subscribing to future auto-shipments HERE.

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