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1 Free Starter Kit

+ $9.97 Shipping


  • Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Brush Head Cover
  • Pack of Silicone Dental Picks

Replacement brush heads ship free every 60 days for $9.97


2 Free Starter Kits

+ $17.97 Shipping


  • 2 Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrushes
  • 2 Tongue Cleaners
  • 2 Brush Head Covers
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 2 Packs of Silicone Dental Picks

2 Replacement brush heads ship free every 60 days for $19.97

  • Dentist Designed

    3-sided Sonic Brushing

  • Refreshing Clean

    Unique Head Sweeps Away Bacteria

  • Engineered For Your Smile

    Miss Fewer Spots & Improve Gum Health


Clean in a Breeze

I really love my Triple Bristle subscription! It's not very expensive and they send you your replacement head without having to think about when it's time to switch out your toothbrush. The three sided head and 2 minute timer deep clean my teeth easily. - Lisa M

Whiter Teeth In No Time

I have always had issues with knowing how long to brush and with what techniques. Triple Bristle takes the guesswork out of brushing. The bristles are angled to remove plaque with no trouble. I also love how the brush lets you know when to switch to a different side of the mouth. - Michael A

Revolutionary Design!

Switching to the Triple Bristle has cut down on my effort spent on oral hygiene. I have been testing this brush for about 1.5 months now compared to my Sonicare and will never switch back. A very comfortable design and my mind is at ease knowing that human error is minimized with this toothbrush. - Cameron B


Discounted Brush + Bonus Item

  • Try the unique 3-sided sonic toothbrush from Triple Bristle for a fraction of the price of other sonic toothbrushes. As a bonus item, we are adding a package of our dental picks. You get everything you need to upgrade your oral care routine. 
  • After trying it for a full 60 days (and you love it), do nothing and we will send you a replacement brush head.

Triple Bristle Brush Club

After you try the Triple Bristle for 60 days, you will then be a part of the Brush Club where happy brushers unite and single-sided brushing is a thing of the past. As a club member, you'll have access to special discounts and first dibs on new product launches! You can pause, modify, or cancel your membership at any time. 


Each Starter Kit Includes:

  • Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush Handle
  • 3-sided Replacement Head
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • Snap-on brush head cover
  • Two AA Batteries (yes, we even include the batteries for your new toothbrush at this insane price)
  • Lifetime Warranty (as Brush Club member)
  • Bonus Item: Pack of silicone dental picks
Based on the number of FREE! Triple Bristle Starter Kits you choose, shipping is $9.97 for a single kit and $17.97 if you choose two.
After you try the Triple Bristle free for 60 days, a replacement brush head is shipped to you every 60 days for $9.97 + free shipping. If you receive two toothbrushes - 2 replacement brush heads ship every 60 days for $19.97 + free shipping.
Absolutely! The Triple Bristle sonic toothbrush is dental-work friendly - crowns, veneers, caps, implants, and braces. We have many brushers with braces that love using the Triple Bristle to brush their brackets. :)

We include a tongue cleaner with every Triple Bristle toothbrush.


Once your order is placed, it will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. You will receive an email from Triple Bristle with a tracking number to keep you informed about the status of your shipment. Typically, orders arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Happy brushing!

When you receive your Starter Kit, included is a starter brush head designed to last 30-60 days. This gives you the opportunity to try the Triple Bristle Toothbrush and decide if it's for you. Your first replacement head auto-shipment will contain a premium brush head with blue indicator bristles that fade over time, letting you know when it's time to swap.

TB tip: If you've been sick, replace your brush head. Also, be sure to rinse your brush head thoroughly after each use.


If for any reason you do not enjoy using the Triple Bristle or you like using it but you'd like to purchase replacement heads on your own schedule, you can simply login to your Brush Club account and pause, modify, or cancel your subscription. Canceling your Triple Bristle Brush Club subscription will void the Lifetime Warranty on your toothbrush.

Please Note: You must cancel 48 hours prior to your next replacement head auto-shipment. NO RETURNS or REFUNDS on Triple Bristle Toothbrush Starter Kits or replacement heads once they have been shipped or received.

The Triple Bristle sonic toothbrushes are intended to be used by children ages 6 and up. We do offer a toothbrush specifically designed for kids and adults with shorter teeth and smaller mouths on our website HERE. The Triple Bristle Kids brush is not a part of this bundle offer at this time.

We offer that too! Purchase any of our other toothbrush models without subscribing to replacement head auto-shipments HERE.


Everything You Need For a Bright Smile! 

Triple Bristle reaches spots people often miss, leaving you with a just-left-the-dentist clean feeling.