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Using Triple Bristle is Simple and Easy!

Apply Toothpaste On The 3 Heads And Then Choose Between 3 Modes:

- high/clean
- soft/gentle
- massage

Slowly Run 3 Heads Over Each Row of Teeth:

The sonic brush heads are angled at the Dentist recommended 45 degree angle. So, your gums get a perfect clean at the same time your teeth get a perfect clean.

Perfect Clean in Just 40 Seconds:

Your Teeth Will Have Equivalent a 2 minute clean (w/ perfect technique) in the first 40 seconds. The timer runs 2 minutes, so keep going up to 2 minutes and get an EXTRA clean every time for even better results.

1000's of New People Try Triple Bristle Every Week!

Here's Why 80,000+ Customers LOVE Triple Bristle So Much...

“My Dentist told me this is the best brush you could be using for your teeth and gums."

Love this product. Purchased in December and brought it to my dentist today. She loved it and was amazed by it. She told me this is the best brush you could be using for your teeth and gums. When she did my cleaning, she told me it was the easiest cleaning she ever did!! She said there was no particles coming out between my teeth and my gums are super healthy! She plans to recommend it to her patients! A great price for a great product and great mouth!
Elaine R.

"It's working better than my $200 Phillips Sonicare.."

I've been trying this out for a couple of weeks and it's doing an awesome job on my teeth and gum line. I use the sensitive setting and brush each area of teeth. Here's hoping I love it for a long time.
Super cost effective! It's working better than my $200 Phillips Sonicare.
Karen S.

“Love love love this toothbrush! If you suffer with gum health you'll 100% see a difference in the first week.”

Love love love this toothbrush! If you suffer with gum health you'll 100% see a difference in the first week. I'm completely serious. I got one for me and my boyfriend. I figured I'd reply because I actually love this product. Your gums bleed for the first week of using it but I've seen a huge difference.
I'd love to be paid to sponsor this because I'd spam it to all my friends. lol
Michelle S.

“I can’t imagine ever going back to my “traditional” toothbrush."

This toothbrush is phenomenal! I have a terrible track record with oral hygiene, but this brush has completely turned that around. I found this brush while I was researching electric toothbrushes that utilize the Bass brushing technique.
It is so comfortable to use, and does an excellent job of removing plaque, and especially around the gum line. I used to speed through brushing my teeth and rarely went over 30 sec. Now, in the 2 weeks I’ve had this, I haven’t missed a single day and easily brush the full 2 minutes. One day I brushed for 4 minutes, and it felt like I just had a cleaning at the dentist.
I never thought I’d be this excited about a toothbrush, but when you finally find something that truly gets the job done, it’s an amazing sense of relief. I can’t imagine ever going back to my “traditional” electric toothbrush.
Victoria H.

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Triple Bristle
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