Collection Created by Dentists
Practice at Home for a Dental Visit and Help Overcome Dental Fears

The Brush and Bite collection of products are designed to help those with difficulties (sensory issues) going to the dentist, practice their appointments from the comforts of their home. The Brush and Bite handles along with the triple bristle 3D brush heads are a simple way to help make brushing at home easier and more efficient. The ergonomic handle is designed to allow for proper brushing with the triple bristle brush head. The dual-sided handle also allows caregivers a safe and simple way to aide in brushing and flossing for those who struggle keeping their mouth open and brushing for themselves. The Brush and Bite collection helps create an experience so that going to the dentist and brushing at home can be a much easier and positive event.

The collection will be ready for sale soon. The Brush and Bite Starter Kit includes a practice packet filled with items often seen and used during a normal dental appointment, a dual-purpose handle, a triple bristle 3D brush head, a flosser, and an informative booklet. Everything you need in one kit. The handles and brush heads are refills, sold separately. Provide your email to receive a notification when the kits arrive. Please share this page or mention these products to someone that may find them useful.

Brush and Bite
Dentist Practice Kit


Brush and Bite Handles
Dual Purpose - Manual Toothbrush and Bite Block


Replacement Heads
Brush and Bite Handle Refills


*All items will be in stock soon.

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