“Triple bristle has been scientifically designed to clean your teeth better in 1/3 the time of an ordinary sonic toothbrush”

The Triple bristle challenge

We gave people the Triple Bristle toothbrush to try for a month – and here’s what they said:

Reported improvement in teeth whiteness
Reported a cleaner teeth feeling
Reported that gums didn’t bleed as much
Reported having fresher breath

*Based on survey data of long term Triple Bristle users.



(Old fashioned)

Requires a lot of work and usually doesn’t clean adequately.


Requires intense focus on covering all parts of your teeth.


(Next Generation)

Error proof brushing that is more efficient and effective.

Try Triple Bristle for 30 days, and if you don’t see a noticeable improvement in your teeth whiteness, dental health, or breath freshness, then send it back to us for a refund, no questions asked. We’re so confident that you’ll love it, that we’ll even cover the cost of shipping – so there’s no risk to you.