2 Triple Bristle Replacement Brush Heads – BLUE


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Triple Bristle - Brush Like a Boss


Created by a dentist and engineered for your smile. Cleaner teeth and a brighter smile in 1/3 the time. If blue is your preference, just apply the replacement bristle and let the brush head do all the work for you. Take the guess work of brushing.


  • Self-adjusting soft bristles made of Dupont Nylon
  • Perfectly angled bristles that reach between your teeth and gum line
  • Specifically designed to safely clean dental work – crowns, bridges, braces, and veneers
  • Tongue cleaner on the back of the bristle
  • The ease of the interchangeable bristle head is great for replacement and travel
  • The replacement Brush Head is compatible with the following Sonic Toothbrush Bases: Pursonic S42, Supersmile Series II LS45, Pursonic S450 Deluxe Plus, Pursonic S400 DELUXE PLUS, Wellness HP-STX Ultra, BROADCARE Electric Toothbrush, Sonic Electric Toothbrush

    COMING SOON: The Triple Bristle Replacement Brush Heads will be compatible with Phillips Sonicare Toothbrushes


  • The self-adjusting soft bristles remove more plaque and brushes all surfaces of your teeth while engaging your gum line at the same time
  • Our patented brush head was engineered to target the gum line on both sides to help prevent gingivitis (inflammation of the gum line due to excess of plaque)
  • By using the Triple Bristle every day on your often expensive dental work it safely maintains the oral health of your crowns, bridges, braces, and veneers
  • Since the tongue carries a lot of bacteria and often bad produces bad breath using the tongue cleaner on the back of the Bristle Head will ensure fresh breath. Others will appreciate it!
  • The Bristles work well for teeth whitening and stain removal: By placing abrasive toothpaste directly onto your teeth the brush head will whiten your teeth without scratching or abrading the surface
  • Although the Triple Bristle Brush Heads are very durable the American Dental Association recommends that you replace your brush heads every 3 months for optimal results


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